Chapter 1 - Meeting Mila

Hi, I am Mila, and today I am going to tell you a story. It is about a girl who does not find herself worthy of love. Her name is Mila as well. Yes, you guessed it right. This is my story, and I hope you will stay with me till the end.

In a faraway land, there was a village named Roserock. If looked at from afar, this village seemed like any other village, but it wasn't. There was something different about Roserock. Here the people are amazingly beautiful, but not just that here people are categorized on their looks.

There are various communities of people based on their ratings. There are supposed to be ten communities as everyone is rated out of ten, but there are only four. Communities of people rated 5 to 8. Number 8 are the most beautiful people around here. No one has ever seen a ten before.

My mom used to tell me the story that the last girl who was ten was killed by the locals out of jealousy many years ago.

My mom was very beautiful as well. She died a few years after I was born.

This reminds me to get back to myself. So yeah, I am the ugliest girl in the Roserock. No one wants to be associated with me. I am a joke here.

And Guess what am I rated for my appearance? 1. I am 1 out of 10, and you know what makes it even worse? I am the only one who is rated 1.

I find surprising that these people invest so much time into grooming themselves to be treated like humans. Apparently, In Roserock, If you are not pretty - you are a nobody.

Which will bring you to my house, away from the village, deep in the forest's heart. I love nature, but not as much as I would love to be included, to be understood, to be seen as a human, and not just a number.

I laugh at myself for wishing this while facing the reality that no one wants to do anything with me. I often look at myself and think about what can I do to make myself look better. I have spent ages trying to fix myself, but nothing works.

I would usually go for a stroll at night when I feel lonely, but this night, it was different... (to be continued)