Chapter 2 - Something's Burning

Living alone is hard, especially when you don't have any other option. I love to talk but never had anyone to talk to except myself. No complaints because I found talking to myself therapeutic. But that day, even talking to myself didn't help.

You see, earlier that day I had to go to the village to get myself some bread. I was used to getting weird and judgemental stares anywhere I go, but it never seemed to get any easier.

In the bakery enters this guy who is a solid eight, and I can see why. His big blue eyes and luscious hair got me dwelling in front of him, but I quickly hid my hideous face and started to head towards the door to leave; suddenly, I hear him calling me. The adrenaline-rush I experienced was something else. In my mind, there was a spark of hope that I will finally be seen. I look at him with hope in my eyes just to get humiliated once again. He throws the change I forgot to pick from the counter on my face telling me that my face makes him sick in the stomach.

I run outside the store towards my home, hearing people laughing at me as I cry and run. If I try to tell you how it felt, I know I will fail. Simply put, everyone hated me, but no one hated me more than I hated myself.

I couldn't stop thinking about it that night, so I decided to go for a walk, admiring the moon's beauty as I walk towards the village. If you think, why go to the town again? Well, I loved that village. A few of the only good memories of my childhood reside in that village; also, everyone is sleeping so that it wouldn't matter.

But as I walk towards the village, I sense something unusual. People were not sleeping; instead, there was chaos in the village. I got curious because I have never seen anything like this ever happening ever before. I try to enquire from behind the bushes, and I hear people talking about burning someone? As soon as I listened to this, I started to lose my mind.


I try to have a good look by getting a little closer, and I cannot believe what I was looking at! To be continued...