Chapter 3 - A Mesmerizing View

In front of me was a man tied up to a tree. He is injured and breathtakingly handsome. I look at his face, and I am in a different world. His eyes are closed as he is unconscious, but I suppose they would be as deep as the ocean.

He was a mixture of magic and beauty combined. After looking at him, I realized what poets have been writing about for centuries. Then I snap out of my admiration for him and try to find out why they want to burn him. Then I hear people talking about how he is a complete ten and not from around here.

I was being wholly disgusted and enraged by the idea that these people will kill someone because they can not comprehend how someone can be so alluring. I say to myself, Mila, you can not let this happen. You have to do something! Fast! Think fast!

While I was panicking inside the bushes, I hear that they are sending someone towards the forest to get some wood.

I take that as my only chance to pick up a log and wait for him to come towards the bushes. As he starts to gather woods for the fire, I knock him out by hitting him on the head and quickly create a fire in the woods.

Then I run towards the village to yell from behind a wall, "LOOK FIRE! There are more of them! Catch them!". As the villagers run towards the forest, I take my chance to save him.

I quickly cut the ropes, as I drag the men from there to behind the bushes, someone sees me saving him, and within the blink of an eye, everyone was running after me. It was hard for me to run with him as he was injured and unconscious. I look around to see that there is a cart near me. I put him on the carriage and run as fast as I can trying to lose villagers, and after running for quite some time and knowing my way around the forest, I finally lost all the villagers.

I bring the guy to my house, Immediately treat his wounds, give him water, and sit in the corner away from him, looking at his face thinking how heavenly he is.

A few hours later, I notice him waking up, and I run behind the curtain to hide my face. To be continued...